Coop Fairtrade Cocoa Report Published

25 February 2017 / IKnowFood

Professor Bob Doherty was involved in the drafting of a report, produced by the Coop, entitled ‘Cocoa for Change, Fairtrade the #Coop Way‘. Which looks at the fall in cocoa prices and how by partnering with Fairtrade, Coop is addressing the issues of an unsustainable cocoa industry. Coop also hopes to push other businesses to do the same.The original Fairtrade Sourcing Program, introduced by Fairtrade International, was firmly developed for chocolate brands to enable certified farmers to sell more of their cocoa to them on Fairtrade terms. The program model did not account for the complexity of dealing with a significant number of very different manufacturing sites across a wide supplier base, and a vast number of products ranging from bakery to ice cream to cooking sauces, all requiring various types and differing quantities of cocoa. Co-op and Fairtrade have now created a solution for all food retailers to follow.

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