Month: April 2017

IKF’s Professors Bob Doherty & Kate Pickett among co-authors on paper looking at food insecurity among women in Bradford

10 April 2017 / IKnowFood

IKF’s Professors Bob Doherty and Kate Pickett are among the co-authors of a paper, with Madeleine Power published in the Journal of Public Health “Food insecurity and socio-demographic characteristics among two UK ethnic groups: an analysis of women in the Born in Bradford cohort”. The paper further highlights the increasing problem of food poverty within […]

IKF’s Dr Chris West & Dr Simon Croft Key Contributing Authors to WWF Living Planet Report 2016

5 April 2017 / IKnowFood

IKnowFood’s Dr Chris West and Dr Simon Croft are key contributing authors to the WWF Living Planet Report 2016 (published 27 Oct 2016). World biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate, putting the survival of other species and our own future at risk. The latest addition of WWF’s Living Planet Report brings home the enormity […]