IKF’s Prof Bob Doherty nominated to the Fairtrade Foundation board

12 September 2017 / IKnowFood

IKF’s Professor Bob Doherty has been successful in becoming the Founder members Trustee nomination on the Fairtrade Foundation board. This is a huge honour for Professor Doherty who has been a practitioner, activist and researcher of Fair Trade for 20 years now and acts as the culmination of his time as a practitioner working for trail blazer Divine Chocolate over 5-years then being the Chair of the Fairtrade City steering committee in Liverpool plus publishing in several high ranked journal.

Fairtrade Foundation has been delivering developmental impact for disadvantaged producers for a quarter of a century via product certification. It’s the only certification scheme that pays producers both a Fairtrade Price premium plus a social premium to invest in community capacity building.  It’s the gold standard of ethical standards and I am looking forward to being part of ensuring Fairtrade continues to innovate and deliver positive sustainable change”

Professor Bob Doherty 2017

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