Month: December 2017

Successful FORMAS grant win for IKF’s Drs Chris West & Simon Croft

10 December 2017 / IKnowFood

IKF’s Drs Chris West and Simon Croft, who work on Research Theme 2 ‘Supply Chain’, are part of a successful FORMAS grant win, led by SEI Stockholm, to work on ‘transboundary climate impacts’, where they will use their trade models with a focus on food supply chains. The project aims to improve society’s ability to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. It identifies an […]

IKF Present at 3rd International Global Food Security Conference, 3-6 Dec

9 December 2017 / IKnowFood

Professor Tony Heron and Dr Chris West of IKnowFood presented initial findings from collaborative work linked to Research Theme 2: Building Resilient Supply Chains, at the Third International Global Food Security Conference, Cape Town, South Africa. Tony and Chris’s presentation focused on the case of soy an ’embedded commodity’ and the implications of this for debates […]

IKF’s Dr Paul Christiansen is Co-Author of Paper Published in Memory

9 December 2017 / IKnowFood

Congratulations to IKF’s Dr Paul Christiansen, who, with Craig Thorley, has had a paper published in the Memory Journal, titled ‘The impact of own and others’ alcohol consumption on social contagion following a collaborative memory task’. When one person alters his or her recollection of an event to be consistent with another person’s erroneous account […]