Successful FORMAS grant win for IKF’s Drs Chris West & Simon Croft

10 December 2017 / IKnowFood

IKF’s Drs Chris West and Simon Croft, who work on Research Theme 2 ‘Supply Chain’, are part of a successful FORMAS grant win, led by SEI Stockholm, to work on ‘transboundary climate impacts’, where they will use their trade models with a focus on food supply chains.

The project aims to improve society’s ability to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. It identifies an important inadequacy in current adaptation research and practice, namely the failure to account for transnational
climate impacts (TCI), meaning those resulting from climate change in other countries. It will take a network based approach to solving this problem, addressing three objectives:

1) Develop an interdisciplinary theory of TCI;
2) Map and explore climate risk propagation through global networks via case studies focusing on global food systems;
3) Consider how adaptation could reduce the risks associated with TCI in global networks.

The team consists of experts in impacts, adaptation and vulnerability to climate change, network analysis, trade modelling and data visualisation. They will employ novel modelling techniques that allow them to map commodity networks at fine spatial scales for the purposes of assessing climate risk propagation. This unique fusion of climate risk and modelling approaches will enable then to work closely with end users to facilitate learning and improved decision making. The outcomes will allow adaptation decision makers and donors to incorporate TCI into their plans, ensuring that significant efforts at the global and national level to finance and plan adaptation take account of the reality of climate risk in a globalised world, thus ensuring more effective, efficient and equitable adaptation to the impacts of climate change.