Launch of Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Food Systems

15 May 2018 / IKnowFood

Professor Bob Doherty, Professor of Marketing at University of York and Principal Investigator of IKnowFood, was opening keynote at the launch of the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Food Systems (CESFS) at the University of Liverpool on Friday 11 May.

CESFS is a multidisciplinary collaboration between academics from across the University of Liverpool and has been created in order to address real world issues affecting both humans and animals, such as climate change, access to safe and sufficient water, and food choice. The Centre will address these issues via innovative research projects, techniques and cutting edge technology and resources, capitalising on strategic cross disciplinary collaborations.

Bob gave a keynote on ‘The importance of food systems in health from the perspective of leading major research projects’. He joined Malcolm Jackson, Associate PVC for Research and Impact, University of Liverpool and Isabelle Kelly, Quorn, among others who also spoke at and attended the launch.