Prof Doherty Attends UNCTAD Event in Geneva

23 January 2020 / IKnowFood

Attendees at UNCTAD Event

UNCTAD Event Attendees. Credit: UNCTAD

Professor Bob Doherty attended an UNCTAD event in Geneva, on 22 January, where he launched the WFTO report  “Creating the New Economy: Business models that put people and planet first”.

Trade tensions have highlighted the importance of fair trade considerations and how the benefits of global value chains are shared. The event was titled “Value chains: How to share benefits more equitably” and provided participants with the opportunity to network and to debate value chains management and how to make them more equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

The event was organized in partnership with the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, a joint initiative of Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organization and was attended by Ms. Isabelle Durant, Deputy Secretary-General, UNCTAD.