New COVID-19 international trade report

30 July 2020 / IKnowFood

Professor Bob Doherty contributes to a government report examining the effect of COVID-19 on international trade.

Bob, who leads the IKnowFood project, provided evidence to the International Trade Committee earlier this year on the impact of COVID-19 on UK food supplies. His expert opinion helped to inform the Committee’s report on COVID-19 and international trade which has been released today.

Professor Doherty said: “It was great to be involved in this important House of Commons inquiry. COVID-19 has clearly highlighted the importance of international trade to UK food security, with the UK importing around 47 per cent of its food. In fact, 30 per cent of our food is supplied by ‘just in time’ supply chains from the EU.

“Despite initial shortages at the beginning of the pandemic caused by panic buying, the speedy frictionless movement of goods via the single market has proved to be resilient. This shows that a good trade deal with the EU that maintains prices and the speedy movement of food goods is so important for the nation’s food security.”

You can read a summary of the report findings here.