Dasgupta Review References Two IKnowFood Publications

2 February 2021 / IKnowFood

The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review highlights the fact that we are dependent on the natural world and “provides a map for navigating a path towards the restoration of our planet’s biodiversity”

The Dasgupta Review Published on the 2 February 2021 The Dasgupta Review’s headline message is that “We are part of Nature, not separate from it.” It presents a new economic framework for our engagement with nature and identifies the options humanity has to enhance biodiversity and prosperity.

The Review references two IKnowFood soy research publications, which highlight the critical role of embedded commodities in deforestation and biodiversity loss:

‘Global Value Chains and the Governance of “Embedded” Food Commodities: The Case of Soy’, authored by Professor Tony Heron, Dr Patricia Prado and Dr Chris West.

‘Linking Global Drivers of Agricultural Trade to On-The-Ground Impacts on Biodiversity’, co-authored by Drs Jonathan Green, Simon Croft and Chris West et.al., based on research undertaken as part of the IKnowFood programme