Professor Tony Heron contributes to GoS Rebuilding a Resilient Britain Report

26 February 2021 / IKnowFood

The Government of Science Rebuilding a Resilient Britain report is published with contributions from IKnowFood Supply Chain Research Theme co-lead Prof Tony Heron.


Rebuiliding a Resilient Britain Summary Report

The Rebuilding a Resilient Britain summary report was published on the 25 February 2021. It is based on the findings of the Rebuilding a Resilient Britain programme, which builds on work to develop government science capability and the external evidence base to support policy development.

It examines existing departmental Areas of Research Interest questions to identify cross-cutting themes, and to provide a platform for engagement between government departments and academics to consider medium and long-term questions.  Professor Tony Heron, contributed to Section 9 Working Group on Trade and Aid.