Related Networks

IKnowFood is closely connected to a number of other international projects, institutions and networks working in the area of resilient food systems. We also aim to build new collaborations to strengthen global research in this critical area of sustainable development.

Other GFS Funded Research Projects 

Phase One Projects

  • Increasing resilience to water-related risks in the UK fresh fruit and vegetable system – aiming to increase resilience to water-related risks in the UK fresh fruit and vegetable system. Lead: Tim Hess, Cranfield. University Partner institutions: University of East Anglia, NIAB EMR (formerly East Malling Research), University of Oxford, Institute of Natural Resources, South Africa
  • Resilience of the UK food system to Global Shocks (RUGS) – The RUGS project will look at how the global food system deals with shocks, and will develop our understanding of the impact that these shocks have on the UK food system. Lead: Mark Rounsevell, The University of Edinburgh. Partner institutions: Scotland’s Rural College
  • PIGSustain – Predicting the impacts of intensification and future changes on UK Pig Industry Resilience. This project will use a systems approach in order to understand how sustainable intensification and predicted climate changes are expected to impact on the pig industry as a whole, we will produce models to predict the impacts of intensification on the health, disease and welfare of the animals: how consumption patterns and retail prices are likely to be affected, how these changes will impact farmers, and how these in turn will impact on the health and welfare of the animals. Lead: Lisa Collins, University of Leeds. Partner institutions: University of Reading, University of Lincoln, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Bananex – Securing the future of the UK’s favourite fruit. Biologists and economists will work together to develop solutions to save banana crops from disease and help retailers cope with the impact of increased costs. Lead: Daniel Bebber, University of Exeter. Partner institutions: University of Oxford, UN FAO, BananaLink, 3Keel

Phase Two Projects – awarded in October 2017

  • The role of Phosphorus in the resilience and sustainability of the UK food system
    Lead PI: Professor Paul Withers, Bangor University
  • Modelling Landscapes for Resilient Pollination Services in the UK
    Lead PI: Professor Simon Potts, University of Reading
  • Resilient dairy landscapes: socio-technical innovation for dairy resilience and sustainability
    Lead PI: Professor Mark Reed, Newcastle University
  • Sustainable economic and ecological grazing systems – learning from innovative practitioners
    Lead PI: Dr Lisa Norton, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • The role of livestock in food system resilience in remote, upland regions
    Lead PI: Dr Ann Bruce, The University of Edinburgh

N8 AgriFood – A £16 million Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) funded programme, coordinated by  the University of York with the Universities of Newcastle, Durham, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster. It is funded to provide an interdisciplinary approach to address key global challenges in food production, resilient food supply chains and improved consumer nutrition and behaviour change. N8 AgriFood plays a key role in IKnowFood’s impact strategy.

Innovative Farmers –  A not for profit network that gives funding and support to test farmer’s ideas. Farmers can work with top researchers and like-minded farmers in practical ‘field labs’.

KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) – helps businesses get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives. KTN is a network partner of Innovate UK.

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) – A leading organisation promoting sustainable agriculture, food and farming.

ADAS – The UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.

What Works – UK government’s newly funded network of independent evidence-review centres.

Agrimetrics – A big data centre of excellence for the whole agri-food value chain, from farm through to consumer.

iPES – International Panel of Experts on Food System Sustainability

Food Research Collaboration – The FRC is the only initiative in the UK dedicated to bringing together academics and CSOs with the mission of facilitating more effective collaboration between academics and CSOs to produce, share and use the evidence based knowledge needed to influence and improve UK food policy.