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IKnowFood will work collaboratively to understand the obstacles to food system resilience and to develop practical tools to enable farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to better respond to increasing stresses and risks. Food system resilience is the ability to learn, adapt and even transform to cope with external in internal stresses and shocks in order to maintain stable levels of nutritious food supply. We aim to work closely with the UK food industry and consumers to promote resilience for all.

Your participation in these discussions will be vital to ensure IKnowFood takes a multi-stakeholder approach and hears views from all participants in the food system.

  • You can become a member of the Food Resilience Network
  • You can engage with us on social media
  • You can participate in our research projects – if you are interested in joining a farmer group in Research Theme 1 please click here for more information
  • You can participate in our events

We want to hear from you so do get in touch. You can share information on your research on food system resilience so IKnowFood can highlight this within the network.

You can contribute to our communications, in particular to the IKnowFood facebook pages and comment on our recent publications, reports, events etc.

You can tell us about events and training courses you are organising, and IKnowFood will help promote them.

For further information about IKnowFood and how to get involved, or to contact us with a specific enquiry;

Telephone: +44 (0) 1904 325049