An imminent food crisis: Fact or fiction? Webinar

11 November 2020 / IKnowFood

Wednesday 18 November 2020 18:00-19:00 According to Statista, the use of food banks has increased year-on-year from 26,000 in 2008/09 to 1.6 million in 2018/19. In this webinar, the Food and Health Forum will provide a perspective on the current status of food security and its possible impact on the nutritional status of the population. […]

IKnowFood on ‘Farming Today’

30 July 2020 / IKnowFood

BBC Sounds Farming Today podcast included an interview with the farmers and the engineer involved in the IKnowFood Scottish farmer group (Work Package 1) about the lone worker safety app: .

Royal Welsh Show Webinar

30 July 2020 / IKnowFood

Bob Doherty joined the panel on a webinar at the Royal Welsh Show to discuss Food Supply Chains and Production – Global Outlook with a Local Strategy: What has Covid-19 taught us?  He discussed the relevance of the recent article published in Nature.  The webinar was recorded and can be viewed online here.

IKnowFood and the National Food Strategy

30 July 2020 / IKnowFood

The IKnowFood project features in the list of universities and research institutes mentioned in the ‘Who we have met’ engagement section of the National Food Strategy released 29.7.20

New COVID-19 international trade report

30 July 2020 / IKnowFood

Professor Bob Doherty contributes to a government report examining the effect of COVID-19 on international trade. Bob, who leads the IKnowFood project, provided evidence to the International Trade Committee earlier this year on the impact of COVID-19 on UK food supplies. His expert opinion helped to inform the Committee’s report on COVID-19 and international trade […]

Vulnerability of the UK’s food supply chains exposed by COVID-19, study reveals

4 June 2020 / IKnowFood

The UK has been left “dangerously dependent” on just two EU countries for its fresh vegetable imports, a new study on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the UK food system has revealed. The study, published in Nature Food, also reveals that insufficient capacity in domestic food production, just-in-time supply chains and Brexit-related […]

COVID-19 is a reminder of how deeply the UK’s food security is dependent on the EU

28 May 2020 / IKnowFood

New LSE Brexit blog post by Tony Heron. Prior to and since the June 2016 referendum, the politics of Brexit has been accompanied by two recurrent (and seemingly contradictory) narratives: first, the narrative of Brexit as ‘taking back control’ for those voters ‘left behind’ by the twin forces of globalisation and multiculturalism; and second, the […]

Prof Doherty to give evidence to International Trade Committee examining impact of COVID-19 on UK food supplies

29 April 2020 / IKnowFood

Prof Bob Doherty will be providing virtual evidence to the International Trade Committee, from 14.30 on Thursday 30 April. The inquiry will continue to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this session will be looking at the global trade in agri-food and the  impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK food supplies. Background According […]

New paper explores how Covid 19 has exposed inequalities in the food system

16 April 2020 / IKnowFood

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the profound insecurity of large segments of the UK population; increased unemployment, reduced hours, and enforced self-isolation for multiple vulnerable groups is likely to lead to an increase in UK food insecurity, exacerbating diet-related health inequalities. The social and economic crisis associated with the pandemic has exposed the fragility of […]

New Chapter on Strategic Managament Tensions in Hybrid Organisations Published

27 February 2020 / IKnowFood

IKnowFood’s PI  Professor Bob Doherty, along with Dr Helen Haugh (Cambridge Judge Business School) and Prof Fergus Lyon (Middlesex University) have contributed a chapter on Strategic Management Tension in Hybrid Organisations included in the Handbook on Hybrid Organisation, published on 28 February 2020. The pursuit of commercial, social and environmental goals makes social enterprise hybrids […]