Our research

‘To deepen understanding of the stresses and risks facing the UK food system in order to improve its resilience’. Our aim is to take an interdisciplinary approach to create positive social and environmental change within the UK Food System.

1. On-farm

Farmers, scientists and engineers working together to create on-farm knowledge and low-cost sensor and automation technologies that enable farmers to manage the risks associated with production and natural resource management. This project will work with farmers to specify technologies and identify the drivers and barriers to their take-up and use.

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2. Supply chain

Bring together supply chain researchers and practitioners with political scientists to develop new information and business decision-support tools for retailers and manufacturers, to facilitate changes in practice to enhance supply chain resilience of specific commodities. To do this we will bring together data from a wide range of trade, industry and political sources to inform new practical interventions that will enhance the governance of the food system.

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3. Consumer

Bring together health scientists, psychologists and computer scientists to investigate consumer beliefs and values, particularly why population groups make different food choices and to assess whether modifying social norms and behaviour can alter consumer practice in specific social groups. Practical application and interventions using persuasive technologies will be co-designed to improve health literacy and create behaviour change to improve health and wellbeing of consumers.

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4. Network

Work with existing industry, consumer, policy and research bodies to develop a multi-stakeholder food system resilience network. Comprising farmers, processors, retailers and consumers, we will use this network to share and test our results and practical tools. IKnowFood is an exciting opportunity to bring together social-ecological perspectives of resilience with the understanding of political processes. This will create further exciting opportunities for building food system resilience that addresses power dynamics within the food system. Our aim is to create more equitable transformative change.

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