Research Outputs

IKnowFood over the course of the 4-year programme and beyond will co-create a range of resources including practical tools, reports, policy briefs, event reports, data sets, case studies and research publications.

Policy Briefs

IKnowFood and N8 AgriFood joint policy brief entitled Resilience of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables supply chains in the face of Brexit

Related Academic Publications

Ocean, N., Howley, P. and Ensor, J. (2019). Lettuce be happy: A longitudinal UK study on the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and well-being, Social Science and Medicine, in press, available online 7 January 2019,

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Articles in The Conversation

Ocean, N. and Howley, P. (2019). Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to better mental well-being – new study.

West, C., Doherty, B., Heron, T. (2018). Sustainable diets will remain a minefield until we change the way we approach food.

Doherty, B. (2018). Europeans deserve a food policy that focuses on the environment and people’s health.

Book Chapters

Chapter on ‘Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment through Fair Trade Social Enterprise: the case of Divine Chocolate and Kuapa Kokoo’, Doherty, B.(21 September 2018), Entrepreneurship and the Social Development Goals, Vol:8., Apostolopolous, N., Al-Dajani, H., Holt, D., Jones, P. and Newbury, R. (eds). Emerald Publishing Ltd.

Chapter on Social Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship and Social Value Creation, Haugh, H., Lyons, F., Doherty, B. (2018), The Sage Handbook of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Blackburn, R, De Clerk, D. and Heinonen, J. (eds). London: Sage, pp 125-148.

Industry Publications

Launch of Oxfam GB’s Equitable Business Tool to help buying teams source products from fairer businesses.

Blog ‘Fairer procurement: The equitable procurement tool’ by Alex Maitland. Bob Doherty and IKnowFood acknowledged at end of blog.

Coop Future of Food 2030 Ambition, 27 September, 2018. IKF’s Professor Bob Doherty was closely involved in the drafting of the plan and this was acknowledged on page 51 of the document.

Cocoa for change, Fairtrade the #Coop way. Co-operative Group Limited, 25.02.17. IKF’s Professor Bob Doherty was involved in the drafting of the report, which looks at the fall in cocoa prices and how by partnering with Fairtrade, Coop is addressing the issues of an unsustainable cocoa industry.

British Food: What role should UK producers have in feeding the UK? Morrisons Supermakets Plc,17.02.17. IKF’s Professor Bob Doherty was a key contributing author to the report, written by leading experts on global food issues, outlining the risks of climate and political change to food supply from outside the UK.

Power M, Doherty B. (Feb 2017). Christian food aid could be excluding those from other religions in need of help. The Conversation

Doherty B, (Jan 2017). Food security: how Fairtrade helps level the playing field for small producers. The Conversation

Doherty, B. (Dec 2016). It’s not a very merry Christmas for Fairtrade chocolate. The Conversation

Case Study Insights

WWF Living Planet Report 2018, Dr Chris West and Dr Simon Croft are key contributing authors to the WWF Living Planet Report 2018.

WWF Living Planet Report 2016, Dr Chris West and Dr Simon Croft are key contributing authors to the WWF Living Planet Report 2016 (published 27 Oct 2016)

Working Papers

Darzentas, J., Petrie, H. & Darzentas, I. (2018). Employing Systems Thinking Approaches and the Service Design paradigm as tools to support collaboration across a multi-stakeholder initiative: the responsible food consumption exemplar. Relating Systems Thinking and Design 2017 working paper.

Ocean, N., Howley, P. & Ensor, J. (2018). Lettuce Be Happy: The Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption on Subjective Well-Being in the UK. Leeds University Business School working paper.

[Authors TBC] (2019). Green messages and consumer preferences: can food product logos increase choice for sustainable foods? University of Liverpool (working paper).

[Authors TBC] (2019). Identifying perceived barriers to sustainable food choices in low SES groups: a qualitative study. University of Liverpool (working paper).