Dr Stefan Carmien

Dr Stefan Carmien was a Post Doctoral Research Associate working on Research Theme 3, ‘Consumer’. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with a certificate in Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado. He did a post-doc at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT in Sankt Augustin, Germany. His PhD work centered around the design of systems for active task support for persons with cognitive disabilities and caregivers. He is a senior researcher at the University of York on the AART-BC and IKnowFood Projects, his work focuses on ubiquitous and mobile technologies and context aware systems. He has authored a number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and is the author of the books Assistive Technology Design for Intelligence Augmentation and Leveraging Skills into Independent Living- Distributed Cognition and Cognitive Disability.

Contact email: stefan.carmien@york.ac.uk